IT Services

YU Information Technology Department plays a key role in facilitating the educational process. Each YU student receives domain account. Students are also provided with access to online systems for course registration and tracking their academic progress, as well as the Learning Management System (LMS) through which they can download the course materials, submit their homework etc… In addition YU provides free internet access via wireless network throughout the campus.

What is YU website
The YU website is gateway for students and faculty to access various IT services.

What is my email address
The format for YU student email address is :
Student ID followed by (for example, All official university communication are sent to YU email accounts.
You can access email at:

What is LMS
LMS is a learning environment where teachers and students make an interaction. Students can download course materials, submit their assignments etc….

You can access LMS at:

What is Edugate
Edugate is Student Information Portal, where students can see their schedules, grades etc…
You can access Edugate at:

Internet Access
YU provides campus-wide wireless access other than labs. The students can connects to wireless network through Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones. To connect to Wireless through your laptop, just choose “yamamah”  from available wireless connections and connect it (no need to enter any proxy settings)

Technical Team:

Provides support for computer, network, Emails, User Accounts etc… For Assistance you can visit student help desk officer.

Software Team:

Provides support for enterprise systems such as LMS and Edugate. For Assistance you can send an email to: